The average daily social media time across the globe is as follows: 3:27 in Latin America, 3:03 in Middle East & Africa, 2:13 in Asia, 2:04 in North America, and 1:50 in Europe.

Unless otherwise stated, all figures are taken from our Q3 2018 wave of online research among 113,932 internet users aged 16-64. Among this cohort, there were 16,228 Gen Zers aged 16-21, 44,483 Millennials aged 22-35, 39,595 Gen Xers aged 36-54, and 13,626 Baby Boomers aged 55-64. Generations have been adjusted in over time comparisons to account for year-on-year aging, hence earlier years include a relatively smaller group of Gen Z respondents as they age into our 16-64 sample. Note that China is excluded from percentages relating to specific/named social networks and apps.